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In recent years, semaglutide has emerged as a promising option for weight loss in individuals struggling with obesity. This medication, originally developed to manage type 2 diabetes, has shown considerable efficacy in promoting weight loss as well.
Feb 28th, 2024

Why Is Some Fat Easier to Lose Than Other Fat?

If you’re overweight, losing the extra pounds can do wonders for your health. However, some fat may not appear to budge. Read on to learn why some areas of fat can be harder to lose than others and what you can do about it.
Nov 1st, 2020

Unexplained Weight Loss: Could it be Diabetes?

Seeing a lower number on the scale is often a cause for celebration, but if you’ve lost weight unintentionally, it could be a sign of a serious condition, such as diabetes. Read on to learn how diabetes can cause weight loss.
Oct 1st, 2020

How Women Differ From Men When It Comes to Weight Loss

Whether you’re a man or woman, losing weight often involves exercising and eating a healthy diet. However, certain factors can make it difficult to lose weight. Read on to learn how the weight loss journeys of women and men can differ.
Sep 2nd, 2020

When to See a Doctor about Weight Loss

Are you eating well and exercising regularly but not losing weight? A medical weight loss plan could be just what you need. Read on to learn when you should see a doctor for help losing weight.
Aug 13th, 2020

Salty Foods: How Sodium Affects Your Weight

Most people get way more sodium than they need. So many foods people love, such as chips, fries, and other snacks, are loaded with sodium. Unfortunately, high sodium intake is linked with high blood pressure and weight gain.
Jul 16th, 2020

Could This Culprit Be Increasing Your Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the measurement of force of your blood as it moves through your body. High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Read on to learn about how sodium can affect your blood pressure.
Jun 15th, 2020

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?

Hormones control many important functions in your body, and when your hormone levels are not right, you can have a number of uncomfortable symptoms. Read on to learn what hormone replacement therapy is and if it can help you.
Apr 9th, 2020

Signs You May Be Suffering From Depression

Life has its ups and downs, and it’s totally normal to feel sad from time to time. Depression, however, is much different than feeling the blues here and there. Read on to learn the signs.
Mar 4th, 2020

Does an Executive Physical Exam Really Cover All the Bases?

You only get one body, and if you take good care of it, you should be able to live a long and healthy life. An executive physical exam gives you an in-depth look at your health and can help detect any conditions before they become serious issues.
Feb 10th, 2020

Seasonal Allergies Don’t Take a Winter Vacation

It’s finally wintertime, and you might expect to find relief from your allergy symptoms. Although allergies are common in the winter as well, the good news is that they’re treatable year-round.
Dec 18th, 2019

5 Tips to Avoid Emotional Eating During the Holidays

Between buying the perfect Christmas gift for mom or traveling to visit friends, the holidays can be stressful. Emotional eating is not the answer. Find out how to eat more mindfully and curb your next craving.
Nov 1st, 2019

Could You Be Prediabetic and Not Know It?

Getting high blood sugar doesn’t usually happen overnight. It usually develops slowly, and it may not cause any symptoms. So how do you know if you have prediabetes? Here’s how you can identify your risks and protect your health.
Oct 7th, 2019
Annual flu shots can help protect you from becoming infected, but the flu virus changes, making new vaccines necessary.

Why You Need a New Flu Vaccine Every Year

For those vulnerable to the effects of influenza, complications include more serious respiratory conditions, including pneumonia. Annual flu shots can help protect you from becoming infected, but the flu virus changes, making new vaccines necessary.
Sep 10th, 2019
At Creekside Family Practice, Dr. Hammad Qureshi offers the following tips to help you avoid or manage heart disease. Read on

5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, but in many cases, it’s preventable. Read on to learn the lifestyle choices that reduce your risk of developing this chronic, debilitating condition.
Aug 6th, 2019

Berberine: Nature's Ozempic?

Berberine is a natural compound found in several plants, including goldenseal and barberry. It has gained attention for its potential health benefits, particularly in managing conditions like prediabetes and high cholesterol.
Apr 24th, 2024